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Upcoming LBP patch features revealed in video

Jan 23rd 2009 - 3:39 AM

PSN user corn_fest on the LittleBigWorkshop forums has been busy analyzing the latest tips video from Media Molecule. He’s noticed a number of new features just by watching the video through a few times. Here’s what he’s seen…

• Radius setting added to magnetic keys
Very handy! This is going to expand the usefulness of magnetic keys quite a bit.

• Current track bubble added to audio objects
A small but nice touch. Bring on more music!

• A new special object
This item first arrived in the MGS4 Story mode levels, and we reported back then that it was not yet available in create mode. We’re pretty certain that this controls lighting levels, allowing for much more atmosphere throughout a level. If you’ve played the MGS Level Pack levels, you’ll have noticed this little tool on screen whenever you enter a section which changes atmosphere using light.

• Infinite lives checkpoint
Nice! This could come in handy for survival challenge levels infact. You could provide infinite lives during a timed ‘training mode’ section, for example.

• Character enhancement system changes
From left to right: Jetpack, unknown item, Jetpack again?, Paintinator. Number 2 appears to be a ‘removal’ tool, walk past it to remove any power ups? Not sure what number 3 is though, perhaps a brand new powerup? We can only speculate, but it looks that way to us.

Media Molecule yesterday announced patch details, with the next patch (Edam) being a bug fixing patch. So that means these features are most likely going to be with us after that, in Cornish Yarg, which is just entering the testing phase. With Mm saying it will have a 6-8 week testing cycle, these features could be with us between March 1st and 16th.

Head on over to the thread to read the discussion. Good work corn_fest!

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I think that number 3 maybe jetpack + paintriot enhancement :O that’s just a complete guess though ^_^;


Hopefully these are all tools that we will get, and not just stuff that MM uses for testing.  The magnetic key enhancement will be VERY useful.  The global settings tool will have so many creative uses.  No idea what the third one is; RiceMonkey’s idea is neat but it doesn’t match the icon.  I have a feeling you’re right about the X.  Good for when you want force someone to get rid of their Paintinator (since right now there really isn’t a way).


They are just updating enhancements… #3 is jetpack


Yay!  This post links to the post with my picture :D


I am wondering if we will see any of these power ups in a Killzone 2 level pack, if there are levels to go along with the outfits that have already been hinted at.  Kind of how the ‘globe’ tool, for lighting, showed up in the MGS4 Level pack. 

I think I am in agreement with LeonBlade, in regards to the updated jet pack being #3.  However, I would venture a guess that it is not a replacement for the original jetpack; which could have limitations put on the distance at which it could be used, but rather a jet pack with no distance regulation on it.  If that made since, kind of sleeping so I hope the wording is right.



3 is jetpack? Hmm, so it’s repeated?

It’d be nice if they made the jetpack like the paintinator on the little poduim, so I guess it makes sense.


Yeah, it might be “limitless, but it’s 100% a jetpack.
Also, KZ2 pack will have weather tool, very well might be a part of it…


@RiceMonkey: Paintriot? That would have been a much more awesome name for that gun than “Paintinator.” xD But I guess that would be too Metal Gear Solid-ish for an item that’s likely going to be used in a ton of levels that are completely unrelated to Metal Gear Solid.


Outstanding. Can’t wait.


I REALLY hope they don’t do that music bubble thing. There’s only like 16 songs! I don’t want them advertised on my screen again and again forever!

... everything else looks pretty cool though =)



I would agree that it would get old after awhile.

However, you could also see this as a sign that more songs are in the works, or that there might be a feature to include your own music that you have stored on your system.  That would justify a pop up for what song is playing and who the artist is; it gives credit to the artist and helps skirt copyright laws so no one gets in trouble for using the audio.

A stretch I know, but it can’t hurt to dream.


What I meant by paintriot + jetpack was, if you pick up that jetpack, then when you go to pick up the paintriot, up still have both, while the original jetpack still took it away. Flying around on a chainless jetpack and holding a paintriot = epic boss battles D:


ive seen anouther thing littlebigploanetoid havent spotted . when he goes into materials ther is a new type of cardbord in the middle top. its green with a very pointed upsidedown triangle in the middle of it have a look


i know wat the outher jet plack is if you look at the diffrences the new jetpack has a light stand like the paintinator it stops it moving and is cooler smile


I think you could be talking about the holiday special cardboard, its green with a Christmas tree on it.


I think number 3 is a jetpack without chain but with limited power


o yer i dont have th ecristmas pack so i didnt know thanx

to rice monkey


I think it’s just a different set-up as a normal jetpack. But I discovered where that globe switch came from. It was during an interview MM had with the creator of the World of Colour and Mad Mansion level.

“MM: If you could ask for one more feature in LBP, what would it be?

OM: I can think of two just from the top of my head:

1. Rumble emitters. Works like the sound speakers, but instead you can make the controller rumble (different types, pulse, heartbeat, weak, strong etc). I think that could result in some interesting stuff.
2. A way to change the lighting in just some parts of the level. Going from daylight to pitch black as you enter a cave etc.”

So we might even see his other request for a rumble switch of some sort in Cornish yarg.


guess what! #3 is a tetherless jetpack!! ZOMG!! i know, it’s awesome. also that bubble may be for that new music player being installed for LBP. probably not.

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