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The best cake ever made?

Mar 12th 2009 - 3:39 PM

Sent to our inbox only minutes ago, photos of possibly the best cake ever made. Cjsm, the creator behind this cake, says

“We just completed a cake for my daughter’s birthday and thought you might enjoy seeing it. LBP is the only game she plays and we thought it would be cute to immortalize her sackgirl in gum paste!”


Indeed we did enjoying seeing it, and now we can’t help but wonder what it tastes like. Mmmm cake.

More photos of this, and some other awesome cakes are available on the creator’s Flickr stream.

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It actually makes me want to make a cup of tea in anticipation.

I heart this cake. Good work!


Wonderful! Great attention to detail there


Epic. I love it - it’s so detailed! they should put it up on :3
I want one now.. ;D


That is fantastic!


WOW - that’s awesome!

Don’t you dare to put a knife on it to get a slice!!! Just go eat some normal cookies instead, please. Please!


That little girl is so lucky to get a cake like that. hmmmm some parts must be fake like those things that shows levels. Because it looks to hard to make that.


I’m the one who submitted the cake and I can assure you that it’s 100% edible.  I’d invite all of you to come sample it but I’m still debating on cutting it. The entire globe is cake covered in fondant,  the “land” is just fondant layers on top of the base fondant, and the circles are gum paste that are painted with food coloring.

The whole thing took about two days of work and we couldn’t be happier with it.  Thanks for all of your positive comments!


You should make that cake and sell it at shops for other peoples Birthdays and people who like little big planet like me can have it for they B-days.

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