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Love is in the air: LittleBigPlanet Wedding announced

Feb 14th 2009 - 5:19 PM

Remember the guy who proposed to his girlfriend on LittleBigPlanet last year?

Well, he’s getting married on April 11th. In LittleBigPlanet!

Today, PSN user DimmuJed, officially set the date for his marriage in an official level and video of it on YouTube. He announced it on the LittleBigWorkshop forums, saying:

Remember the level I made where I got engaged with a LittleBigPlanet level? Well now I made a level inviting you all to our wedding in LBP! We are going to have the actual ceremony inside of little big planet with a level on April 11th.
You will be able to check out the level online, and the ceremony on a video come April 11th.

Check it out:

Love really is in the air today! Congratulations on setting the date DimmuJed, we look forward to sharing your happiness with you on April 11th!

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I wonder how this is going to work? get a vicar Sackboy? Hehe ill probably give this a miss.


That guy better realize how lucky he is to have a woman who is willing to put up with, or maybe even enjoys, all of this LBP stuff!  What I wouldn’t give to find a girl who likes video games that much!


Ive found that Girls think Video games are ‘a waste of time’ or ‘immature’ i asked a girl about why she doesn’t like video games she said along the lines of ‘because there not real’
I guess everyone can have their own opinions though


Someone said that to me once, and I asked them if they enjoyed fiction of any kind - movies, books, TV, she replied ‘no’ and i concluded that she was just the most boring person in the world, but it had nothing to do with her gender, she was just boring!

I’ve met lots of girls who love video games, you’ll find some soon enough smile


Yeh, I do no girls who enjoy video games. I was watching a Dev interview for the game Flower, he described video games as the most interactive media. Which is true really, because alot of games today have a very cinematic approach. Like MGS4 for example, a lot of people said the cutscenes where too long, but I liked them a lot, because it was so well done


so whos gonna wear the garter? cuz i mean usually the pussy wears it but i cant tell which is a bigger douche,him or her,haha whaat a waste of space on this stupid story


im lucky my wife beat lbp and burnout paradise before i did.
theres lots of hardcore gamer girls you just got to know where to look.


This is so awesome :D I do have a question, however… What fonts do you use for the site?


How are we going o join them on LBP there is a max of 4players at a time… :( though i wish them a happy marrige, and btw i’ve never met a girl who is actually as much as a fanatic to video games as i am   =(


@ james
at your position, you have a better chance of meeting girls(who love video games) than i do…my sister doesn’t like games as much as me, she reckons it is nerdy to play too much. But i believe video games are getting so common, i think it isn’t nerdy, it is the future of entertainment.


I’m an American Roman Catholic (Armenian, Irish and Italian ancestry) and I love the beautiful East Indian saris so much more than any white wedding dress I have seen. Since the white wedding dress has only been tradition since Queen Victoria, I have no problem wearing something different. Any thoughts, especially from the Catholic Indian community? I live in California. Would SF bay area sari shops be helpful or think I’m silly?


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okay i really think this is weird i just got the game and i dont know what happend last year but have these guys even met each other in real life


@ jamie
duh, he proposed to her by this level OMG read don’t assume.

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