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LBP 1.06 Patch now live, contains moderation fixes

Dec 18th 2008 - 6:52 PM

1.06 patchThe LittleBigPlanet 1.06 patch is now live. It’s the biggest patch so far, weighing in at 25Mb.

Here are the official patch notes for this update.

The latest update (1.06) brings in some much requested changes to LBP’s moderation system. While the rules of what is and is not acceptable content for people to share have not changed, we have listened to your feedback and have made the following changes :

  • Moderated levels will now receive more detailed information once action has been taken
  • The notification message will remain in place on screen, removing the chance that affected users miss the message
  • Any moderated level can now be accessed for editing by the creator, whether online or offline
  • Additional information is now displayed on the “Good Grief” screen advising users on how the grief reporting functions, and warns against making spurious reports

Good Grief

We’re pretty chuffed about this update, it looks like Media Molecule have added some excellent features to the game which should help improve the game no end. And just in time for Christmas!

EmmentalIt’s also good to note that this patch 1.06 has a codename of Emmental. Little Big Planet updates are named after different cheeses, and Media Molecule have enticingly revealed that LBP patch 1.07 is called Roqueforte. So, hopefully that means it will pack a punch. A great big, fat, mouldy, smelly punch. Judging by their comments in the blog post, that looks like it will be the case:

I’ve got the notes for 1.07 (Roqueforte) in front of me at the moment and that is a little more exciting. More news soon(-ish)!

Keep an eye out for 1.07 coming up soon then. Fingers crossed its that HDD Image Import option that was slated for a Dec release.

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That is an excellent point well spotted.


Finally, this will make people think twice before moderating.

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