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Killzone DLC hinted to be coming on February 27th

Jan 15th 2009 - 4:27 PM

Fancy one of these? They could be with us on February 27th.

In the latest edition of “sack it to me” , the US Playstation blog’s weekly LBP update, the release date for the Killzone 2 Helghast DLC is hinted to be coming at the same time as Killzone 2 itself, February 27th.

We’re getting ready to start another year of DLC on the PS Store at the end of the month - we’ll have a better update next week.  Again, thanks for your patience - we needed the rest over the holiday break.  Also, we saw all your comments asking for the previously shown Killzone “Helghast” and Final Fantasy VII “Sephiroth” costumes.  Don’t worry its on its way…BTW…when does Killzone 2 come out?

That’s not far off, and it makes perfect sense to us to tie in DLC with a game’s release. Using the same logic, the Sephiroth costume could arrive alongside Final Fantasy XIII.

Also mentioned in the article is how great *we* are, and that a new build is in testing which should arrive soon, hopefully along with “Online Create Mode” and the Play / Create / Share counters.

Thanks to all of you making fan sites for LBP, we’re honored.  One site has really grabbed our attention, LittleBigPlanetoid.  They have tons of updates & feature articles, including a very thorough DLC FAQ.  Great stuff.

Thank you, thank you, so kind!
Also, thanks to Christopher Clowes for the email reminder.

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Great news. The MGS dlc was excellent. It’s the game that just keeps on giving, well for a small fee




yes i made one of these if you wanna see add me l
ooney-lee-94 i cant wait for the proper one


MGS pack was good, but KZ2 pack will be great! I hope so.


whats that box in the top left hand coner


MGS=sweet Killzone=ZOMG UBER SWEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!


I’ve Been waiting for KZ2 dlc for so long i can’t wait… NO JOKE !


that box probably create menu in create mode during the beta in the top left hand corner.

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