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Free Leprechaun Costume later today

Mar 12th 2009 - 11:59 AM

Top of the morning to ya’!

The Japanese LittleBigPlanet site has revealed that a costume will be released to celebrate this years St Patrick’s Day (which is next Tuesday), by releasing a Leprechaun costume!

Wow. That’s some green you have there.

Aw, surprise surprise, he’s cute!

The costume is available from the Japanese Store right now for free. Expect to see this on the North American and European Stores later today when the stores update.
We’re hoping that there will be some paid for content too, perhaps the Killzone 2 content? Kai and Nariko? Sepiroth? Bumblebee? Buz, Patapon, Little Monkey King? There are quite a few waiting to be released…

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world, mostly by people who aren’t actually Irish - but everyone likes a bandwagon and an excuse to drink Guiness celebrate Irish culture.
Oh yes, and If you’re lucky (or have ‘the luck of the Irish’), you might be able to pick up one of the millions of silly Guiness hats that are available around the world at this time of the year. We literally have about 5 of them, here in the Planetoid observatory. One from Japan!

So, keep an eye out for the St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun costume on the LittleBigStore later today, and we’ll be posting an update of all the upcoming DLC later today too.

Thanks to macaca_nana and spisbell for sending this in. Sorry we were asleep, else it would have been up sooner wink


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Oh, finally we get new costumes and what a surprise, for free!
I like it, except for the colors…but not a problem, if I just use some stickers on it ^^
I love the hat.


I don’t mind it looks great, but i really wanna dress up as a helghast but the psn store update is nowhere to be seen, anyways this leprechaun costume is great! no need for stickers, that is slightly offensive to the work that the designers put in.


Look at his hat, that’s awesome smile


that’s like saying that putting stickers all over MM’s levels is offensive… it’s just a fun part of the game to play with everything


LBP is ALL about creativity and custimization and stuff. Putting stickers on the costume isn’t a problem at all.

This costume seems to be mysteriously missing from the US store, though.


I hope the beard is its own item. XD

Kind of sad that this doesn’t seem to have been included in the PS Store update today, though.


Ya its nowhere to be seen in the north amercan psn store! I really want it… :(


But I cant wait for the helghast costume!


still not in psn store. =(


Aww we didn’t get it in the US. Thanks for the name mention, though. This site is awesome :]

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