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Celebrity knitting guru Alan Dart releases Sackboy knitting pattern for FREE

Jan 9th 2009 - 12:04 PM

World renowned international knitting superstar, Alan Dart has unleashed his famous Sackboy Knitting pattern for free.

Thanks to the UK newspaper The Sun, the knitting pattern that was previously featured in UK knitting magazine Simply Knitting, has been made available as a high resolution PDF download.

Knit your own Sackboy

Oh my god, he’s got a beanie! Too cute!

The knitting pattern article itself, features an items list showing everything you’ll need, full dimensions for all the various parts of a Sackboy, plus a multitude of helpful knitting tips. Like how to do a mattress stitch! We’re a bit baffled by some of that geeky knitting terminology though, so you might need to go ask your Gran about just exactly what “(K5, k2tog, K4) to end. [50 sts]” means.

So, grab your balls (of wool, ahem) and get knitting your very own Sackboy!

ANd of course, just in case that The Sun download link ever dies, we’ve got the PDF right here for you to download. We’ve also popped on a screen-resolution version too.

Screen resolution (PDF, 3.21 MB)
Print resolution (PDF, 10.5 MB)

(Right click to Save Link As…)

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Now I just need to learn how to knit…


I bought one of the 8” official Mm ones off ebay. For 40….. I feel like a bit of an idiot, but it really is a great plush, even down to the zip and the LBP tag on the back!!! But 40… what was I thiking???


40? Wow!
At least you’re the ‘coolest kid in school’ now smile I wish I had one anyway, probably couldn’t trump up 40 though.

They really need to start selling them in shops…


I want one, an official one!


My room mate knows how to knit! I just printed it for her. My sackboy should be done in a week! And, it’s not a doll….it’s a urmmmm….“action figure” lol! smile


very nice post!


(K5, k2tog, K4) to end [50 sts]

= (knit 5 stitches, knit two together as one, then knit 4). repeat the pattern in brackets untill you get to the end of the row (resulting in 50 individual stitches)

Yay for being a gamer who knits smile i’m off to try this now, my wool stash is ample to give it a go smile

Bet it won’t look as awesome as this the first time though, lol.


Its a very nice looking website.great work indeed.Great read!!! Thanks for sharing. This would be a great help.

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