Stone Veneer

It is the recent most loved method of adding color, design and class to bot exterior and exterior parts of a building. It is used to highlight certain things in the home such as walls, doors, windows, fire places or any other areas. They are not difficult to install and with the right tools a building owner may install they for themselves. Manufactured stones are not as messy and difficult to install.

Stone veneers can be made from either real natural or manufactured stone. Natural stone is often quarried or from fieldstones. The quailed material is then cut, designed and weighed according to the precise requirement of the requirement of the stone veneer to be made. This is often the thin stone veneer. Manufactured stone on the other hand is stone made from lava rocks, Portland cement and other light- weight materials that contain iron oxide. The manufacturing process involves the iron oxide material being subject to vibration which forms them into stone that looks and feels similar to the natural stones.

Manufactured stone may be better and more preferred than natural stone in terms of price but manufactured stone is no mother nature made quality. Why you should use natural stones over manufactured stone:

1. Durability

Manufactured stone does not last long. With time it fades and cracks. However natural rocks will last for centuries.

2. Aesthetic value

There is no comparison with items made with Mother Nature and those made by man. Natural stone has moss growing on it, has different more alive texture that cannot just be manufactured with the stone.

Reasons to use stone veneers (benefits of stone veneers)

1. Compatible

These stone veneers are used to decor walls. They can be used in all kinds of walls used to make buildings today. Materials used to make walls today include; bricks, cement, wood, gyprock, or metals all of which are compatible with both manufactured and lightweight building materials.

2. Easy to install

Stones are usually heavy and difficult to install. They also create a huge mess when they are being installed. Stone veneers can be installed easily in a day without living such a huge mess. They can also be installed without the requirement of professional help.

3. Cheaper

Stone veneers are generally cheaper to manufacture, buy and install than natural stones whose heaviness increase the price of shipping. Although because of quality, lightweight stones veneers are much more expensive.

4. Flexible

They can easily be installed on bent surface using just clamps and a vacuum table. Natural stones cant bend so they can never be installed on curved or bent surfaces. They are also easy to cut in case you get an oversized piece. Cutting natural stone is difficult and will take a longer amount of time.

5. Available in all shapes

Natural stones are usually just available in the rectangular traditional shape. Stone veneers on the other hand are available in all shapes. This is advantages because they can fit in all surfaces you may want to fit them

6. The add beauty

Stone veneers are used to increase the beauty of the location where they are placed. They have an eye catchingappeal and create solidity to your décor design.

Improve Your Home Appearance With Stone Panels

Regular stones, marble and rock are generally utilized as a part of development of all current homes. Light weight stone panels are one more item which is being utilized regularly by home producers and land designers. They give extraordinary and appealing touches to the spots where they are being utilized. Utilization of these panels in development of the inside of your home gives quality and strength.

The panels are uniquely crafted panels made of Granite, Marble and Limestone. Indeed, they can be delivered with any regular stone. They are falsely arranged with a cover of characteristic stones with Aluminum Honeycomb or Aluminum Magnesium. These handled panels are more strong than characteristic stones. These are more secure, less expensive and more precise option of Marble, Granite and Limestone sections. They are additional light and immaculate alternative for outsides. This gives your home a unique appearance that many will adore.

There are a few preferences of utilizing the panels as a part of home developments. Dissimilar to typical concrete based development you don’t need to depend upon outer hues to give an alluring look to your home.The panels arrive in a mixed bag of hues and surfaces. That implies utilization of the panel give you the choice to browse a few accessible shading alternatives.

These panels are much appealing as well as non-delicate, soundproof, flame resistant, moistness evidence, and against rot. These gimmicks are sufficient to depict the significance and profits of the panels. On the off chance that you have utilized lightweight stone panels as a part of outsides of your home, they will preclude heat from entering inside and keep inward temperature in place. That implies even in summer season you will appreciate charming internal climate.

Simple establishment is an alternate imperative gimmick of light weight stones panel. With the assistance of manuals and bundled extras and instruments, one can introduce light weight stones panel effortlessly. On the off chance that obliged, these panels can be disassembled and reused at an alternate place as well.

Because of its different profits and characteristics lightweight stone panels are perfect for utilization in development of insides and also outsides. They give alluring, brilliant and strong look to all cutting edge homes. Being lightweight gives added profits to these stone panels and they can be utilized at different spots like dividers, roofs, carpets, divider associations, bathrooms, furniture table top, air ship, and watercrafts.

Few Advantages Of Usin Natural Stone Tiles In Your Bathroom

The popularity of natural stone is increasing in a great way for bathroom tiles because it gives an elegant and aesthetic value to your bathroom. People are choosing this kind of tiles in their bathroom because they get a number of benefits with it and I am sharing some of those benefits with you below.

Number of options: The best thing that I can say about nature stone tiles is that you can get it according to your specific requirement. To have these tiles, you can simply give the details or your requirement to tiles manufacturing and they will create the tiles for you accordingly using stones collected from riverbed or similar other places.

Last for long time: Another positive thing about these tiles is that it is very strong in terms of its strength. Neither it breaks down very quickly nor it get any adverse effect because of heat or other natural elements. So, I can say it last for a very long time that makes it a good choice for all the home owners.

Look good in every place: all the pebbles and stones that they use to mold a tile come from riverbeds or similar other places, where these stones get smooth surface, but natural flow of water. Also, these stones look really impressive and come in various colors that makes it good looking and the final tile that you get also gives a nice and aesthetic look to your home.

Easy to maintain: Since these tiles are hard to break, so you do not need to worry about the maintenance part. If you will do the excessive cleaning of the tiles, then you just need to do the polishing of the stones and you will have a tile as good as new and that too in a cost effective manner. So, we can say natural stone tile is easy to maintain as well in every situation.

Benefits Of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is made out of a concrete mix and then poured into rubber forms that later receive color. This imitation stone goes up on vertical walls and usually weighs around 12 to 16 pounds per square foot.

The major benefits of cultured stone are the light weight of the material compared to the natural stone that weighs as much as or more than block depending on the stone type and size. This light weight imitation stone is great for remodeling fireplaces, bars, interior walls, and kitchens because you are not adding too much more weight to the structure of the building.

When tackling a huge interior or exterior project using faux stone it is highly recommended to hire a structural engineer to make sure that the structure of your home can handle the calculated weight of the fake stone and mortar used to install it. This products comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors giving you a wide variety of stone selection for your interior or exterior project. There is an imitation for about every type and size of natural stone. Another major benefit of cultured stone is that the labor costs to install it is more economical than the real stone. You will be looking for a masonry company to install your cultured or manufactured stone. Some masonry contractors will provide the manufactured stone for you, so you will not have to worry about any delivery fees from the manufacturer. Having a professional install stone veneer is always recommended on exteriors projects because they are familiar with codes and regulations in your area and will also make sure that the entire product is waterproof avoiding unwanted leaks in your home.

The costs to this veneer are very affordable and usually run around four dollars a square foot and the corners about 5 dollars and linear foot. There will be a separate pricing to corners because they cost a little more to make and this type of corner wraps around a structure corner making it look natural. Now that you have an idea about the benefits of this product you will have a little more confidence in using it on your next home improvement project adding value and a great new look to your home at an affordable cost.